2D Animation Institute In PCMC Pune

Roto Studio In Pune

Who are we?

Animo Park is a leading VFX outsourcing provider having a Roto Studio in Pune. we have expert in-house rotoscope artists who use Silhouette and Mocha. With an assurance of outstanding outputs, we work with a variety of TV commercials, television and web series, and feature films. As the premier roto studio in Pune, a lot of clients from nook and corners of the city and different parts of the country and other regions trust us for their rotoscopy outsourcing needs. We at Animo Park settle for nothing less than high-quality multimedia, design and web services.

Why choose us?

We at Animo Park adhere to timelines and stringent quality checks for every project we work on. We host a team of experienced and passionate Roto artists who work round the clock to make this happen. We keep our clients at utmost priority. We hold extensive experience in the VFX industry with a record of serving many clients with good quality work. With clients from different parts of the country, we have proven ourselves to be the trusted Roto outsourcing company in Pune.

Our exceptionally talented rotoscoping artists can show you the difference between good and great videos by the quality of work they give. They enjoy delivering premium quality results that require no further tweaks.

2D Animation Institute In PCMC Pune

Roto Studio in Pune

What is Rotoscoping?

When the realistic action is required, Animation experts use this animation technique known as Rotoscoping to trace over a motion picture footage, frame by frame. In Hollywood movies, TV Series & TV Commercials, Rotoscopy services are widely used for visual effects. To have the real effect on a normally done action sequence, rotoscopy is done. These days, VFX has become so advanced that some motion pictures are solely made using Rotoscope techniques. For applying visual effects to music videos, most of the music video producers nowadays depends heavily on the rotoscoping technique.

So for all your rotoscopy related needs, contact Animo Park and enjoy the best services.