Know about Animo Studio

Animo Park is one of the finest animation production houses in the world in terms of quality and volume. Starting out as a pioneer of Indian animation Industry, Animo Park has created.

While being a leader in the Indian animation industry, Animo Park has emerged as one of the finest animation houses in the world. Animo Park produces world class unparalleled visual stories with a great team of creative experts.

Our Services

2D Animation

At Animo Park, we use Traditional Lightbox Animation and the latest versions of CrazyTalk, PowToon, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Anime Studio, and more for a high-quality result.

3D Animation

Animo Park provides modern technology 3D Animation services. Assisted by massive industrial expertise and years of understanding in this realm, we are capable of presenting to our client's highly effective and reliable Character and 3D animations Services.


We offer world class services in VFX as we do not believe in limitations in the aesthetic and push ourselves to create the wondrous.


We offer rotoscoping which allows you to create seamless, naturally-moving video sequences without any chatter in the background. We have a team of experts who use state-of-the-art equipment to create perfect mattes.

Motion Graphic

Our motion graphics services combine the use of many different design components, from live action footage, 3d elements, 2d graphical elements and special effects, compositing these various layers together as one to create a form of moving graphic design.

3D Walkthrough

We serve to deliver the best architectural rendering and 3D walkthrough animation services. We have trained exterior and interior Designers who can help you in your project.